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About Samsara's authors.

This project is born from the experience we made with one of our clients for which we developed a solution for capturing and analysing metering data from over half million of devices. The tool quickly became a very important part of daily problem investigations, and a cornerstone in the behavioral analysis. The speed and the ability to interactively visualise the data made the experience of extracting insights plesant and playful.

Due to the great success of the project we decided to turn the experiece we acquired into an OpenSource project called Samsara.

Bruno Bonacci

Bruno Bonacci

Co-founder, Big Data Architect

Over 20 years of commercial experience working with high volumes of data. In the recent years focusing on Real-time BigData Analytics. Passionate about Clojure development.

Dayo Oliyide

Dayo Oliyide

Co-founder, Architect

A polygot with a lot of experience covering a wide range of technologies and industries. Love learning/understanding/sharing how things work. Currently passionate about Clojure, distributed systems and analytics.

Sathyavijayan Vittal

(Sathya)vijayan Vittal

Co-founder, Architect

Software Architect with experience building highly scalable systems. Polyglot developer. Rubyist. Passionate about PaaS and clojure development.


For info please contact: samsara.systems+info@gmail.com


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