Get Involved

Get Involved with Samsara's development

If you wish to get involved with the Samsara’s development, follow these steps.

  • Read the (in the project’s root) to see what contributions we are looking for.
  • Check the list of open issues on Github.
  • If you have found something you wish contribute or you have something else in mind speak to us by writing a mail to: samsara [dot] systems+info at gmail [dot] com
  • Issues might be poorly described or with no description at all, talk to us, ask us questions, ask us more details.
  • We will invite you to our Slack channel where you can talk with the authors and other contributors and propose your suggestions.
  • Then try to run the system following the Quick Start guide
  • Then try to build the system following these in this guide.

The project structure

This single project contains all sub-systems organized with their own projects.

  • clients/ - Here are the clients libraries in various languages to send events to Samsara.
    • clojure/ - The Clojure’s client
    • ios/ - The Swift iOS client
    • logger/ - A Java Log4j, Logback, Slf4j logger to push log lines as events.
  • ingestion-api/ - The REST api endpoint where the events are sent to.
  • core/ - The engine library for processing streams.
  • moebius/ - The stream processing functions abstractions
  • utils/ - Common utilities used in other projects
  • qanal/ - The component which indexes the processed events into ElasticSearch
  • docker-images/ - The docker projects to build all third-party components
  • deployments/ - Deployment descriptors and script to deploy the Samsara.

There are many inter-dependencies between these projects, but they all follow a single version schema which is controlled by samsara.version file. If you wish to build your local dependencies follow these instructions.

Build Samsara.

To build all Samsara projects and their dependencies follow:

git clone
cd samsara

This will build all the dependencies and install them in your local maven repo (~/.m2/repository/).